Sunday, February 14, 2010


Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! Now it is time to usher the year of Tiger.. Time for more ang paus, kams, cookies, dinner, yee sang, and many more..

Tata and God bless. :)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tomorrow is the last day of 2009 before we welcome 2010. OMG..

Friday, December 4, 2009

I received my results yesterday after one of my buddy SMS to tell me that the results are out. My hands were trembling upon typing my username and password to the system. Upon viewing the results, I was quite delighted and happy that I managed to score all Distinctions in all subjects. I am quite thankful to God that I didn't get a Pass or Credit grade in any of the units. I can't ask for more anymore and that the grades that He had givem to me.. :) Also my hardwork had paid off. I promised that I will work extra hard for next semester to score High Distinction in all units. . Once again congratulations to those who had scored well and those who didn't do well, this is not the end of the road. Put in more effort for next semester.

World Cup draw starts at 1.00 am tomorrow.. :) Better go get some rest before getting up at 1.

Tata and God bless. :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Finally, exams are over. At least can get to enjoy a 3.5 months of summer break. No lectures, tutorials, assignments, class test, mid term, final exam and etc.. Being a university student is ain't easy as expected. Initially, I thought becoming a university student would be full of joy and fun but instead we are being given lots of assignments and homework to do. Studying for exams is indeed stressful as we have to do our own findings and research on what we had laearned. Unlike schools, tuitions, and colleges, the teacher " spoonfeed " the students by providing study materials and spend most of their time teaching us. This is life anyway and we have to move on.

For my holidays plan, I'm not sure what to do and where to go and relax after studying for about 4.5 months. At the moment, I will spend my time facebook-ing and also play online games. :)

I will blog if got the mood to do so.. Stay tuned.. :)

Tata and God bless.

pls - I've watched 2012 with my parents yesterday and the movie was awesome. Keep us awake and some of the nerve -cracking events or actions seriously makes me thinking will this happen in 2012?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Holidays is coming to the end. *sobs* *sobs*

Time for serious work..

Tata and God bless :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Uni Life

4 days of holidays.. At least give me some time to relax myself after dragging myself and had sleepless night to get the assignments done as soon as possible. Assignments had limited my time of studying as well as catching up with studies in university. I can't really enjoy much live unlike my days in MUFY where I can catch up with the lectures going on.. Also it is much easier for me to catch up with my studies in MUFY..

Ever since I've entered Monash University, I felt lost almost everytime in lecture. Reading such a thick textbook which contains lots of words in it make me feel like don't really understand much of the topic that had been taught. Now I know how a university student feel when come to their studies. Also, even the lecturer told all of us this : "it is easy to enter Monash but it is difficult to get out without failing a single unit". Upon hearing this, I know that I have to strive harder to achieve the best results. It is not easy but I think that with constant studying and good time management, God willing, I'll be able to achieve my goal.

I got my final exam timetable on Thursday :

Click it for a larger view :)
The bad thing is I will have back to back exam on 9th and the 10th which is Microecons and Management..
The good thing is my final exam will over on the 11th which is on the Friday.. :) i will be free from this day onwards and will have a longgggg break until March 2010. hehehe.
Got to go do some revision, so much time spent on facebooking.. Must use this holidays to do my remaining assignments and also some revision for final exam which is about 1.5 months time.
Tata and God bless :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

I know that I've abandoned ny blog for almost a month. This is due to lack of time and also assignment keeps pouring in.

Ever since I've enter university a month ago, I knew that it will be going to be tough and full of challenges.. Now I can feel the stress upon becoming a university student.

I think I shouldnt be dwelling too much but instead greatful to God that He had lead me to the right path for choosing to go to this university.. This is actually part of life but now I'm trying to adapt uni life..

Management assignment not done yet, Accounting tutorials not done yet, Microeconomics tutorial not done yet.. You can actually see how busy I am.. Last week my friends and I struggled to do the Business & Economics statistics assignments and thank God that I've managed to finished it in time. This assignment took up most of my time for last week..

I think I should stop blogging here.. Better go and continue reading my Management textbook, journal, articles, electronic databases for my Management assignment.. Only 10% completed. :P

Tata and God bless. :)